Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Get a Hedgehog

Once you've decided you want to raise one of these animals, your first question is probably how to get a hedgehog. You might be able to find them in your local pet store, but since they are considered exotic pets, there's no guarantee.

So now to answer the question: how to get a hedgehog?

From what I've researched, there are two options:

1. Find one available for adoption on Craig's List, your local animal shelter, or in the paper. But once again, since these are exotic pets, this could go either way. I found one at an adoption shelter and went to see her the next day, but she was already adopted.

2. Purchase one from a breeder. There are lots of great breeders available all over the country (except where owning a hedgehog is illegal, of course). Just do a quick Google search for "hedgehog breeder" and your state to see what pops up. You can also check out this list on Hedgehog Central. Do some research to ensure you are choosing a reputable breeder. For example, see how long they've been in business, see if they are a licensed breeder, etc. This is definitely the more expensive option, but if you don't feel like waiting to see if one ever pops up for adoption, this is the best way to go.

I got my hedgehog from Terrapin Hedgehogs. Very easy to work with, and highly recommended if you want to:

-Buy a hedgehog in Maryland
-Buy a hedgehog in Delaware
-Buy a hedgehog in Washington, DC
-Buy a hedgehog in Pennsylvania

They are located near Baltimore, an easy drive from any of the above locations.

Any other suggestions for how to get a hedgehog? Let me know in the comments!

My hedgehog asleep in her wheel.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Welcome to my blog! I'm a first-time hedgehog owner. In this blog, I will document the life of my hedgehog, Paisley, and my learning experiences raising one of these animals. Hopefully this will become a place for other hedgehog owners to share their tips and tricks.

Say hello to my hedgehog, Paisley!
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